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Who I work with

What I specialize in

I work with Individuals, Families, and Couples.  Ideally, I work with people who not only want change, but are ready for it.  I won't be a good fit for every single person, and if that's the case I will let you know.  I won't waste my time or yours if I think someone else can help you more.

Anxiety, depression, and overthinking are the "issues" I most commonly encounter, and my strengths are honesty and curiosity.  I care about your feelings, but not enough to lie to you; and I will likely make you think about things in ways you never have before.  

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How much it costs

I charge $120 a session, and I offer a sliding scale. Unfortunately, I don't accept insurance, but I can provide a Superbill so you can receive reimbursements from your insurance provider (if your plan covers mental health services).  

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Session details

I do In-person and Telehealth therapy. My physical office is in Culver City, and I do sessions through Zoom as well.  I can also do phone sessions.  Each session is 50 minutes long.

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Is therapy worth it?

It depends.  If having more control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions is something you want - then yes. If you have zero motivation or hope that you can change and simply want a space to vent - then I suggest choosing a different therapist.  At the end of the day, if you want this to work, it will.

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Los Angeles / California  🏝

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